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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Google Wierdness solved

Had the dangedest problem at one of my schools.  They use GAE or Google Apps for Education for email.  Thats a good thing.  But the weirdness ensued. If the user did a google search while logged into Google, the first page would display, but if they went to the bottom of the page for the subsequent page - it would sort of "grey" out or appear subdued, and the next page wouldn't load.  The utterly incomprehensible solution to this problem was to go to the users account settings and select allow multiple logins, and select the resulting checkbox acknowledgements.  After logging out and back in - the weirdness goes away.  I dunno..  the Google helpdesk guy came up with this idea... how I don't know, I'm just thankful it worked!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inaugural post for Jerry the Tech Guy

Hello World

Ok, that was not generated by a script or program.. I'm sure not a programmer, but I've managed a few hello world outputs in my day...  Its the traditional first steps of learning introductory programming - to create a program or routine to put Hello World up on the screen for those of you that haven't been down that road.  So I'm starting this blog venture with that little nod to tradition.

I'm at a transition as a Tech Guy - I've worked for many years for ESSDACK, an education service center located in Hutchinson, KS.  During that time I was our first webmaster - on a worn out LC II Mac on a 56K fractional T1. I took care of all of ESSDACKs tech support needs for many years.  I started hiring out as a tech consultant - have laptop will travel. Over the years I worked with some of the first one to one laptop programs in the state, setting up machines and networks for them. Over the years I started the KanEd Live internet broadcast program, an early QuickTime based live web broadcast. I became a bit of a FileMaker guru, I've built a number of databases for schools that are still in use.  My time at ESSDACK has been very rewarding.

The transition I mentioned above is because of my impending "Retirement".  Retiring from ESSDACK anyway, not Mac service.. Its too dang much fun, and I need to keep myself in folding money. So I'm in the process of starting up Jerry the Tech Guy LLC,  not there yet.  I have a basic website at http://jerrythetechguy.com  and I can be reached at 738- 468-6227 or jerry.butler.9999@gmail.com if you want to hear more of my intriguing tech saga, or would like to say hire me or something like that!

Watch this space for tech musings and the occasional helpful hint!