iPad Rollout tips

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Podstock... groovy!

I'm so excited to be writing this as I finish final preparations for my presentation at Podstock 2013 - one of the best education conferences anywhere!  I've been doing a lot of iPad setup work lately,  helping schools get off on the right foot on their iPod deployments.  They are a bit of a booger to get set up properly, but the good news is once they are off the ground - they have very few problems.  You did get really good cases, right???   Breakage is probably the biggest hassle down the road.  Use the banner link at the top of the blog to visit my links to helpful sites.   IPads are a truly transformative technology. We are truly in the post-PC era, and they are best of breed.  Looking forward to my session, hope to see you there!